Cabin Fever


Every year about this time I start to get cabin fever. I don’t shoot a lot in the winter months, I hate to bundle up and get in the car like a big marshmallow. We’ve had few days of nice weather, so I think that is what has started the cabin fever. This morning I decided to pack up the car and head out for a few hours in search of something to photograph. I headed towards Mt. Vernon east of Cedar Rapids. I took a few back roads that I have not traveled in a while. A nice clear blue sky helped this morning. The blue sky is the only color right now, a nice change from the drab gray skies we have had all winter. 

I found a few locations this morning that will lead to a good sunset photo this summer or spring. If I didn’t find a photo today at least I found a few future locations. I tend to have a rule that the only pavement I take looking for photos is the pavement I have to cross to get to the other gravel road. This morning was no different, I stumbled across this old barn and few early plowed fields.

I decided to take the pavement into Mt. Vernon looking for lunch. I stumbled across this old tool shed not far from a nice barn, the barn was to updated for me. I find the most interesting photos seem to be the simpler ones. I worked in Lightroom for a while on this image. I never intend for a photo to be black and white,it seems to materialize in post process. I have been on the look out for barns as I have been driving around. I have seen this little tool shed before on my travels. Today I guess it decided to present it’s self in an interesting way. 

I turned the car around after I zipped past the shed. I shot several of different photos of the scene. I settled on this one as my favorite image. Soon cabin fever will over and spring will be here, followed by summer. I am looking to get out more this year a photograph Iowa’s back roads. Please feel free to share my images and blog post with your friends and family. If you know of a fun place to go here in Eastern Iowa let me know!