In search of the next photograph...


I’ve been known to travel to a few and far off places in search of a photograph. Leaving at 3:00 am to travel to Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin with a fellow photographer last fall or traveling back home to Western Iowa. I always make time to head out and take a few photos when I am back home. It’s important as an artist to create new work on a regular basis.

Sometimes thats driving miles upon miles and weeks at a time to get a new photograph only to return home with no winners. I do not shoot a lot of panoramic images. Since my software now allows for easier panoramic images to be created. I have been experimenting with panoramic images as another avenue of photograph to create. I usually stitch around nine or so images to create one single image. 

Over the weekend I took time to head back home and headed out one evening in search of a new photograph. I stumbled across this barn on a gravel road. I am always looking at the sky in a landscape image. The sky should be just as important as the subject. I am not terribly excited for flat and bland sky in my image. This image had everything I wanted, a nice subject and sky. 

It never fails when I find a good image that something rises up. It could be a farmer, law enforcement officer or that annoying farm dog. This time is was the barking lassie dogs down the road. So I am trying to get my exposure right and settings to shoot my panoramic while I have to keep an eye on these dogs just down the road. 

After arriving home I loaded all my images into Lightroom. I stitched the images to create this panoramic image. This image took a little more time post processing as I underexposed(dark) to keep detail I'm my sky. I do not enjoy spending lots of time behind the computer editing if I don’t have to. This image took a little more time than usual to post process,in the end it was worth it. This has to be my favorite panoramic images to date.

Sometimes I get the question which is my favorite photograph I have ever taken. Most of the time I think it is the image I have yet to create. 


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