The Road Less Traveled


    On occasion, head out on late night adventure and travel these roads. Not the best idea, buts sometimes it leads to something. I was out one late night and stumbled across this tree along this gravel road in Harrison county. I placed the moon behind the tree since the moon has a tendency to cause me more issues than I care to deal with. On this night I decided to pack up and as I was placing gear in the car I noticed a truck traveling down this long stretch of gravel road headed towards me. 

DSC_5613 copyesize.jpg

    I rushed over and grabbed my tripod, set it up and guesstimated my settings. I was hoping the shutter speed was long enough to capture the entire streaking of the vehicle. If it was to short the image was lost. I had one chance and only one chance. My one chance worked and I created one of my all time favorite images. I wish I could say it was well thought out and planned. But sometimes luck is the best tool in the camera bag.  

It wouldn’t be Iowa if there wasn’t an old car sitting around. Small towns are a dying piece of americana. The next generation moves out and only a few stay around. I grew up on the weekends and long summers on my grandparent’s farm just outside one of these small towns. Pisgah was my home away from home. Growing up I ate at the local Cafe and visited my Grandma when she worked at the local IGA grocery store as Pisgah was still some what surviving. 

    Now the town is quiet, the cafe less traveled and the grocery store is now a bar that carries a few necessities of life. Things have changed over the last twenty years. One thing hasn't and that guy is Eddie. Eddie I believed has spent his entire life in Pisgah. Eddie owned the local Ford Dealer that was on main street. Eddie has collected vehicles and parts for years. Storing them where ever he has a open spot. I ran across a few pieces of his collection on hot and humid summer. 


     I was testing the Nikon 14-24mm f/2.8 lens when I stumbled across these few old cars rusting away as the town has over the last twenty years. This time I was on the crumbling streets of a small Iowa town no longer in its heyday. Capturing these cars from a time when life was simpler. The drivers of these cars didn’t worry about their smart phones and playing candy crush. It was a time when you helped out a neighbor, weren’t in a rush and Sunday was a day of rest. 

    Eddie’s collection is to far gone to restore, but maybe it’s collection of simpler times and memories from a bygone era. These cars and their drivers are no longer on the road. Only memories of a era that is forgotten and put to the way side for the most part. Sometimes the road less traveled is the best road traveled. Even if all we have left is the memories.